Our Program

Shane’s Journey to Sound

Professionals at the USC-CHLA Center for Childhood Communication in Los Angeles determine the degree and type of hearing loss a child of any age may have, fit sensory devices including hearing aids and cochlear implants and facilitate and assess development of communication skills. The Center’s integrated services include pediatric audiology, speech-language pathology and auditory verbal therapy, and educational counseling and guidance.

Our scientists conduct a variety of research studies in which clinic families may participate. The center represents a renaissance in clinical care for childhood communication in Los Angeles, surpassing the level of care offered at any other clinical program in the area. We provide comprehensive life long care, and our physicians are on staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Our licensed audiologists come from a variety of outstanding doctoral programs, hold certifications in clinical excellence and are devoted exclusively to the hearing health of children. We use state-of-the art, research-backed procedures in our assessment techniques, our hearing aid fitting techniques and our implant programming techniques. Our follow-up appointments are designed to ensure that these fittings remain appropriate even as children grow and their needs change.

Our certified and licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are part of a relatively small group of therapists nationwide who have extensive knowledge and training in working with children who use hearing aids and/or cochlear implants for the development of spoken language. Services include diagnostic evaluations of speech and language development, evaluations to assist in the determination of cochlear implant candidacy and communication therapy to meet a child’s specific needs.

Our Approach

The USC-CHLA Center for Childhood Communication — affiliated with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — opened in October 2013 and is staffed by clinicians who have an exceptional level of expertise. Through our comprehensive services and extensive rehabilitative and follow-up care, we give children not only the ability to hear, but also the tools and support to develop communication and academic skills.

As one of the few clinical programs to employ an education specialist, we can help families better understand their child’s hearing loss and its impact on learning, explore the most appropriate school programs for their child’s needs, and assist families in identifying therapies that best address developing communication skills. We work closely with educational personnel in both public and private schools.

Our Physicians

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Rick A. Friedman, MD, PhD

Practicing Locations

  • Keck Medicine of USC - Beverly Hills
  • USC Healthcare Center 4
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John K. Niparko, MD

Practicing Locations

  • Keck Hospital of USC
  • USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital


Chelsea Cole, AuD
Jamie Glater, AuD
Janice Loggins, MS, CCC-A
Kristina Celani Rousso, AuD
Margaret Winter, MS, CCC-A

Speech Language Pathologists

Meredith Burke, MA, CCC-SLP
Dianne Hammes Ganguly, MA, CCC-SLP

Education Specialist

Debra Schrader