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Your 6-Step Guide to Preventing Spring Allergies

Spring is here, which means spring allergies have also arrived. Here’s how to stop them before they start. Sure, spring is beautiful with trees and flowers in full bloom, but if you suffer from allergies to trees, grass pollens and ragweed, you know those green leaves and flowers trigger one of the most miserable times ... Read More »

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Why You Shouldn’t Whisper With a Hoarse Voice

Although your natural instinct may be to whisper when you have laryngitis, speech therapists believe you may actually be straining your vocal cords. If you’ve ever suffered from laryngitis (swollen, irritated vocal cords in the larynx, perhaps better known as the voice box), your gut reaction might have been to assume that it’s okay to ... Read More »

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Introducing the New USC Voice Center

The mission of the USC Voice Center is to improve the quality of life for individuals with voice, swallowing and airway disorders. The center achieves this goal through a true interdisciplinary approach to promoting health, preventing and curing disease, advancing biomedical research and educating health care providers. Our expertise extends to many areas of laryngology, ... Read More »

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Addressing Age-Related Changes In Voice And Swallowing

Age-related voice alterations (dysphonia or presbyphonia) can affect 1 in 3 elderly individuals and significantly impact the quality of life. Physicians at the USC Voice Center are experts at diagnosing vocal changes across different types of patient conditions. A core diagnostic tool is careful evaluation of the patient’s voice by trained listeners and computerized voice ... Read More »

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Turn Down for… What?

Rocking out to the latest Bruno Mars song while you run on the treadmill or turning up that episode of The Walking Dead on your next flight to drown out inflight noise could be damaging your hearing. Here’s how to know when loud is too loud. Whether you’re listening to music on your wireless headphones or ... Read More »

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Are Ear Candles Safe?

Ear candling, a popular method for removing earwax, might not be up to snuff. A buildup of earwax — and the muffled hearing that usually accompanies it — ranks among one of the most annoying sensations out there. And since manually removing earwax with a cotton swab is confirmed to be a bad idea, there ... Read More »

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Protecting Singers’ Most Precious Instrument

Picture a pair of tiny violin bows, each no longer than a thumbnail clipping, lodged horizontally in your windpipe. Halfway between the chin and collarbone, they dance and vibrate at your command. For higher pitches, they stretch thin. For lower tones, they shorten. Meet your vocal cords. Because they’re hidden from view, most people take ... Read More »

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