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Male Rhinophyma

Male Rhinophyma

Rhinophyma is most commonly seen in elderly men and presents as an enlargement/swelling of the nose, particularly of the nasal tip, and is a result in part of overabundant oil glands. Although the exact cause of this condition is unknown, it has been associated with a skin disorder known as acne rosacea, in which the skin becomes scaly and red. In the past, rhinophyma was mistakenly attributed to excessive alcohol intake, branding the individual who suffered from this condition with an unnecessary negative social stigma.

The tissue overgrowth can be dramatic and leave the patient severely disfigured. In the past, treatment options were primarily limited to dermabrasion or simple knife excision. Now, with the advent of C02 laser technology, cosmetic results have significantly improved.

Who is a candidate for rhinophyma treatment?

Healthy men seeking relief from nasal tissue overgrowth may be excellent candidates for rhinophyma. During a consultation, one of our experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons will perform a facial analysis and work with you to help determine the best course of action that will deliver the most appealing results.

What is the procedure and recovery like?

Removal of rhinophyma takes about an hour to perform and is on an outpatient basis. Most patients return to the comfort of their own home a few hours after surgery. Surgery may be performed with moderate sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference.

Length of recovery time depends on the complexity of the procedure and varies from patient to patient. Prescription pain medication is usually only required for the first few days. Mild discomfort, bruising and swelling lasts 10-14 days. Most patients are able to return to work, school or other daily activities within about one week. Avoidance of contact sports is recommended for about one month after treatment.

Our experienced surgeons reduce bruising and recovery time with the application of state-of-the-art techniques and the use of homeopathic or herbal options. Detailed postoperative and aftercare instructions will be provided to each patient.

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